datos curiosos sobre google

10 curious facts about Google that maybe you did not know [infografí­as]

600 million users have Google daily; No one uses the I feel lucky button (I’m Feeling Lucky in English) but estimates suggest that if removed, user experience is affected; Google’s home page is that simple and white simply because the creators of Google didn’t know much about HTML; Google is available in 88 languages ​​(including Kinglon).

These are some of the 10 curious facts about the Google search engine highlighted in an interesting infographic shared in MakeUseOf and created in Promodo where another pair of infographics has also been published, one with data about Google as a company and another explaining the Easter eggs that they can be found in the search engine (starting with the doodles that are now published almost daily).

Other data that is worth mentioning and that surely few knew was that it would take almost 100 thousand years to do a Google search manually (reviewing, one page per minute, the 50 billion indexed pages) and that is usually used the 20/5 rule to add functionality to the search engine: if 20% of users use a certain function, it is included for everyone; if at least 5% is useful to you, the function is maintained but it is limited to the advanced functions section.

Anyway, here is the first of the three infographics published in Promodo: