10 obstacles that Google+ must overcome

10 obstacles that Google+ must overcome

New tools, new functionalities, a real revolution, which occurs every time that Google and / or Facebook and / or Twitter launch new utilities on the market. Logic if we think that, according to projections, Facebook will close fiscal year 2011 with revenues of more than 4,000 million dollars, according to a report issued by the publication The B2B. With these figures, it is not surprising that Google embarks on the adventure of consolidating a successful social network, always on the thin line of integration or competition and without this being actually relevant since, finally, what matters to brands is what they must do to achieve it. By competition or by integration, Google launches a new social network on the market, and although it intends to consolidate itself within the current framework, taking an active part in the actions in social media that are necessary to consolidate a reputation and achieve an increase in the associated figures to our business. But … what are the great challenges that Google + faces on its way to consolidating its social network? …

10 obstacles, 10 challenges

We start with the Hatching the Mobile Web, the increase in connectivity and interaction with the mind thanks to the penetration of mobile devices and the proliferation of high-efficiency applications, is leading to an increase in the use of Twitter by brands as a way to keep in constant contact with their customers. In addition, Facebook is very friendly in relation to the interaction, users and brands like Facebook and the interaction, the promotion of new products and content, is carried out indistinctly on both social networks.These are the first two major obstacles that Google + must overcome in its race towards consolidation Social.Additionally, Google must demonstrate that it has ability to build network, It is true that efficiency around quality positioning is undeniable, but you still have to build a network by providing it with functionalities and tools that make reputations stand out. Even with the Buzz slab totally rejected by users for aspects related to security, Google must pay attention to past mistakes.Just as brands must play with human-embedded emotions in order to establish their advertising campaigns and marketing strategies, Google must grapple with intrinsic perception related to search.

When we are named Google we immediately link to gmail and search, however, twitter and Facebook evoke promotion and social relationships, opportunities, synergies, new business. These are great challenges.

Similarly, Google faces a growth in social searches and the constant rise of Bing, so on its way to social integration you should not neglect the figures that inform you of the searches that are carried out.In terms of television, a segment that is part of the definitive project that is Google +, the search engine must compete with Yahoo with which it also continues to do so in terms of news and email.Simplicity, Google + should make its use much simpler and the way to make its utilities efficient and accessible, the problem is that the dynamism of the network is uninterrupted, so modifications must be made as soon as possible. and closely related to the previous point; social integration in corporate portals, the one that serves users to promote the content that is of quality, achieving with them more traffic and reputation for brands. There are many, more and more, the portals that have integrated the +1, however the adaptation and use of the users is another issue We cannot forget that the construction of a brand, the reputation and the increase of the final figures of our business, are achieved through multiple actions, all of them included in a business plan that, although dynamic, requires constancy in its compliance Google must make its +1 efficient enough for Internet users to internalize it as part of his actions.