windows 10

10 useful keyboard shortcuts for Windows 10

Public interest in Microsoft's new operating system Windows 10 continues, which, within its striking features that invite you to install, displays a handful of productivity-focused features.

Well, to be even more productive with these new functions, today we take a look at a dozen keyboard shortcuts that invoke them. Sure, they're not the only shortcuts, they're just some of the most useful, new, and easy to run:

1. (Windows key) + (TAB): Open the new task view that displays all open windows and the virtual desktops they are hosted on.

2. (Windows key) + (Ctrl) + (D): Open a virtual desktop, that is, as in Linux and Mac, a new desktop to distribute open applications and windows among several of them.

3. (Windows Key) + (Ctrl) + (Left / Right): Move between the different virtual desktops available.

4. (Windows key) + (A): Open the Activities Center, a new side panel for quick settings (WiFi, tablet mode, brightness, Bluetooth, etc.).

5. (Windows key) + (G): Start recording a gameplay through the new default Windows tool that saves the results to the Xbox Live account and then optionally share them.

6. (Windows key) + (S): Activate Cortana voice assistant and / or display the new search bar for applications, files and configuration options.

7. (Windows Key) + (Up / Down / Left / Right): Move the current application or window to the indicated position, all the others being automatically accommodated.

8. (Windows Key) + (1/2/3 /): Open the first, second, third or third application anchored with their respective icon to the taskbar.

9. (Windows key) + (P): Access controls Project screen, very useful when starting a presentation.

10. (Windows Key) + (I): Open the panel Configuration Windows 10 to manage the system, devices, networks, time and language, privacy, design, etc.