11 not-so-known features of Google Chrome

Those who frequently use the Google Chrome browser (I would use it more if it did not depend on some extensions that work better with Firefox at the moment) will surely appreciate this list of functions published on guidingtech.com, not well known and perfect to save us a lot of time with tasks repetitive.

In guidingtech They comment 15, although here I publish the 11 that I have found most useful.

1. Pin Tab

You can select the Pin Tab option on any tab, it will be reduced to an icon, taking up less space and always showing on the left side. Ideal for pages that are always open.

2. Paste and Go / Paste and Search

If we copy a url outside of Google Chrome, we can access it with the option Paste and go right button, no need to CTRL + V in the navigation bar. In the same way we can search for any copied text using Paste and Search.

3. Drag downloaded files

We can save any file previously downloaded to any part of our computer, just by dragging and dropping the material.

4. Resources Page

The development tool that can be activated with Ctrl + Shift + I ) has a section (Resources) that shows us the loading speed of the pages we are visiting.

5. Task management

Chrome treats each tab as a separate process, and can be removed without affecting the rest of the open pages. It offers a system to manage the memory consumed by each tab, you just have to press Shift + Esc.

6. Calculation results in the address bar

If you type math operations in the address bar, show the result without needing ENTER.

7. Resizing text boxes

The text boxes of the web forms can be resized using the element in the lower right, as you can see in the image.

8. Quick search within a website

If you are used to searching within a web, you can do it quickly by typing some of the letters on the site and pressing the TAB key.

9. About: memory

By writing about: memory in the address bar we will have access to the resources consumed.

10. Application shortcuts

You can create shortcut applications for certain web pages using the Tools> Create application shortcuts option. Ideal for pages that we open daily.

11. Data synchronization

We can synchronize favorites, extensions and other data from our Google Chrome between several computers. We only have to inform our Google account in Tools-Preferences, the data will be saved in the cloud and will update our browser on any PC.