12 extensions for Google Chrome to improve browsing

If you regularly use the Google browser (Google Chrome), you may be interested in this list of 12 extensions that I have prepared, so that you save time on your tasks and improve the Internet experience.

Ad Block

Many users tend to visit websites infested with advertisements, if you are one of those people who annoy them, you can download this extension for Chrome that will allow you to block all types of advertisements and thus have better navigation and speed when visiting sites.

Download Adblock

Chrome SEO

If you have a website or blog, you will surely be interested in improving the positioning of your articles in search engines, well Chrome SEO is an extension that will allow you to obtain tools, statistics and data on how to improve the positioning of your articles in the search engines. search engines like Google, Bing, etc.Download Chrome SEO


Chrome.fm is an extension that allows fans of last.fm to listen to these songs from the same browser, it is a simple extension but at the same time effective for the most fanatics.Download Chrome.fm

Chrome Bird

Chrome Bird is an extension that will allow you to use your Twitter account as if you were on the main page, that is, it will allow you to navigate through the timeline of your followers and interact with them through the extension.Download Chrome Bird


If you want to improve your productivity when searching for information on Google, you can download this extension that will allow you to obtain results in real time and thus improve your productivity. In addition, there is a panel that allows you to configure the results to your liking.Download FastestChrome

Firebug lite

If you are a web designer or programmer you may be interested in this extension. Firebug is a popular extension that allows anyone to know the loading time of any website, how to improve it and even enter its code to examine its CSS, HTML, frames, etc.Download Firebug Lite

Google Mail Checker Plus

Google Mail Checker Plus is an extension that will allow you to examine your Gmail for unread messages and read them from the same browser, you can mark them as read, delete them, archive them and even mark them as Spam.Download Google Mail Checker

Chrome Google Translate

Chrome Google Translate is an extension that allows translating all kinds of websites with a simple click, it is an extension created by the same Google translate team.Download Google Translate


Last Pass is an extension that allows us to manage our passwords and fill in forms in a really useful way. It is an extension that is available not only for Chrome but for the rest of the popular market browsers such as IE, Safari or Firefox.Download LastPass

RSS Live Links

Many of the users who currently read WWWhatsnew, do so through RSS readers. RSS Live links is an extension that allows us to configure any type of RSS and the same extension will notify you if the content of said Feed has been updated, in this way you will not have to enter every so often, something that will save you a lot of time.Download RSS Live Links


If you are a blogger or web editor, you might like this extension. ScribeFire is an extension that allows you to write to any blog from the browser. It is something really useful and quick to use that will undoubtedly save us a lot of time.Download ScribeFire

WebPage Screenshot

Quick and simple solution to save screenshots in JPG format from any web page. The first enlargement that captures the entire page.

This extension allows us to save any website in JPG format, that is, you can take a screenshot and save that website in image format directly on your desktop.Download WebPage ScreenShot

If you liked the list, you can leave more extensions in the comments, many users will appreciate it.