12 Free Productivity Web Apps Already Included in the Chrome Store

12 Free Productivity Web Apps Already Included in the Chrome Store

In today’s list I am going to present you 12 free applications featured in the Google Chrome virtual store related to productivity.

All of them can be opened in any other browser, without depending on Chrome for its execution, so it will show you two links for each one, the one from the Chrome store and the one from the website.


An intelligent way to organize lists and tasks, grouping everything by projects and with the possibility of establishing deadlines for each item included.

Links: todo.ly | in the chrome store

Cloud Canvas

Page layout and sketch creation tool that integrates into the browser using HTML5. We can use hundreds of fonts for our creations, ensuring that they can be viewed from any computer.

Links: cloud-canvas.com | In the Chrome store


To make diagrams collaboratively. Ideal for those who want to replace solutions like Visio with a complete web option.

Links: lucidchart.com | In the Chrome store


To have our financial investments under control.

Links: wikinvest.com | In the Chrome store


To save, organize and share anything we want to remember, from notes to movie lists.

Links: springpadit.com | In the Chrome store


The famous application that allows us to save our files on the web, with a free version that entitles us to 5 Gigs of space.

Links: box.net | In the Chrome store


Another option to save our files on the web. Its application in the Chrome store is free and allows us to quickly access our files.

Links: fiabee.com | In the Chrome store


A complete platform for editing images. With several tools that even include the possibility of editing audio and video.

Links: aviary.com | In the Chrome store


A flight search engine that takes into account several factors to find the best option for our trip, not just the price.

Links: hipmunk.com | In the Chrome store


A complete agenda to keep our contacts and commitments under control. It can be used as a personal journal, although it offers many more functions for collaborative use.

Links: diary.com | In the Chrome store


To manage projects and tasks in group. We can add documents and integrate it with Google Docs.

Links: manymoon.com | In the Chrome store


To make presentations on the web and share them from various devices. Links: www.sliderocket.com | in the chrome store