12 unusual uses of WordPress

A few months ago I published an article called The Power of WordPress, where I showed several functions that we could give to this content management system that, most of them, use to manage a digital publication.

In designer-daily.com they comment on other uses that I leave here:

1. For invoice management

It is an extension that allows us to manage invoices from our clients, creating and sending them directly from the platform.

2. Faq

This extension allows us to create a question and answer section on our blog, receiving questions from our readers and correctly grouping the answers.

3. Work panel

To manage job offers from our website.

4. To display business cards

We can create a business card website with two themes made for this purpose: MiniCard and The Digital Card.

5. Portfolio

Extension to create a portfolio with our works: wp-portfolio. There are also several topics that can help us to do so.

6. Wiki

Theme specially designed to create a Wiki, where readers collaborate with the content.

7. Business directory

This extension allows us to collect data to create a list of addresses of companies of various categories.

8. Email – newsletter

We can transform WordPress into a newsletter sending tool with this plugin or follow this NetTuts tutorial.

9. Product promotion

To create a virtual store and promote our products.

10. Contact management

Rolopress is the ideal solution to manage our contacts with this CMS.

11. Galley

There are many themes that allow us to create professional galleys. In pingable they show us several.

12. Photoblog

Various themes in the Photo Argus to create a portfolio with our best photos.