15 Codecademy projects to practice our knowledge of HTML and CSS

The Codecademy team has added a series of projects for users to practice their knowledge of HTML / CSS: Make a Website Projects.

If, for example, we have taken the Make a Website course, now is the time to put ourselves to the test with the real examples presented in the 15 projects.

In each of them we will be asked to make different changes on certain websites. For example, in the first challenge we will have to create the main page of a design agency.

To do this, we will have to follow the instructions detailed step by step, as we visualize the changes we generate.

Each project will become more complex as we move forward and demonstrate our mastery of HTML and CSS.

It is an interesting proposal to see if we have the necessary skills to meet the requests of real clients, since we will have to overcome different situations.

We will not only see how to create websites, but we will also discover how to customize different aspects to adapt them to specific needs, such as a portfolio, a news page, a page to present an app, among others.

To take these projects we just have to log in with the account that we have created in Codecademy and choose the project that we want to carry out. Following the dynamics of the platform's courses, we can carry out the challenges at our own pace, taking control of our progress and pending tasks.