15 sites where you can find and share code snippets

15 sites where you can find and share code snippets

Anyone who has ever worked on the creation and design of a website has surely come across CSS, HTML, PHP and, of course, Javascript on several occasions. In addition to this, it is also likely that at some point the option of visiting a website where they can be found was considered. code snippets that allows us to carry out our work in a simpler way and save that time that we could invest in creating the same lines. Today, we will share 15 websites, posted on testking.com, where you can find snippets of code.

Code Snippets

This site is made up of a large community of several thousand users who share their code snippets, which you can search through the use of tags. In addition, it allows users to store, manage and share their own category fragments, also assigning tags that allow others to detect them in case they need them.


It is a very complete website in which they are frequently published and shared various contents related to codes, providing not only the snippets, but also downloads, videos, explanations, and more.


It has a database of more than 1,100 code snippets and organizes all the information in a very practical way, allowing users to find what they need quickly and without much effort. In addition, it provides direct access to the most popular and recently added snippets.


It has a good repertoire of code snippets, as well as numerous articles related to this topic, all written in English and with a quite technical language.


This is one of the most practical because it collects code snippets PHP, Java, JavaScript, adapter, VBScript, battery, C, String, CSS and others. In all cases, finding what you are looking for is easy and saves a lot of time.


In addition to being able to search by categories or labels, it allows view the code snippets added by a certain author, being able to even leave comments after completing a registration form (which is free).


It is a more modern initiative that allows us to log in with our Twitter data and search for the code snippets we need. In addition, it is possible to rate the content of each user and in turn see the ratings provided by other users. When storing our own code snippets, Snipt.org allows you to catalog them as public or private.


In this case, all the published content is public and anyone can access the code snippets from the other users. In addition, if you register (it is also free) you can leave comments to the authors of the fragments.


You can choose to register or log in with your Google account. Smipple It allows not only to find material shared by others, but it is also possible to store our own and create bookmarks with the ones we think we may need.

Code Sucks

There is not as much material as in the previous alternatives, but the truth is that what can be found so far in Code Sucks is quite sought after and there are several contributions that are real jewels.

Gist GitHub

In a similar way to Snipt.org, Gist – GitHub allows us to store our own fragments in a public or private way and access those shared by other users. In addition, it gives the option of creating our own repository in a simple way. In less words, it is a more basic service and easier to use.


It is intended more than anything for those who want to save their contributions on the Internet and in turn share them with users. For this reason, it can also be taken into account as a large public database of code snippets.


It is one of the most complete. It has more than 3 million lines of code to share and allows access to them by searching by categories or tags. In addition, it also gives the option of uploading our own contributions and showing them to the community.


With approximately half a million registered users, Dreamincode promises to offer material for different languages, giving users the ability to find (even if it takes some time) exactly what is being needed.


As its name indicates, PHPSnips It is mainly aimed at those who need snippets of PHP code, allowing searches in two different ways: alphabetically or through the use of keywords (using a handy search engine). Any of these 15 places to find code snippets They will give good results, although some (for example the last one mentioned) will dedicate themselves exclusively to a particular language, while others form communities of users who contribute among themselves for the different languages ‚Äč‚Äčthat can be used. Go TestKing