15-year-old hacker who stole data from the telecommunications company TalkTalk arrested

Several days ago we told you that the company TalkTalk, responsible for Internet and TV access services in the United Kingdom, with 4 million clients, suffered an attack and allowed access to its clients' data. It was believed that confidential information, such as credit card numbers and addresses, could have been stolen, although the data that was stolen was not exactly confirmed.

Now there is an important update in this news: the invader has been arrested, and he is only 15 years old.

They comment on it on the BBC, where they indicate that the boy was arrested on suspicion of crimes of the Computer Abuse Act, and is being questioned by detectives from the police in Northern Ireland.

Although from TalkTalk they later confirmed that the credit card data had only been partially stolen, without the risk of anyone banking, the fragility of the security system implemented by the company was revealed, something that terribly affected their image. Its shares fell more than 12%, and the issue of mandatory data encryption by companies is back in vogue in the country.

We still do not know if this boy, only 15 years old, has acted alone or if he belongs to some larger organization, which is clear that he either has a great future in the world of computer security, or many years await him in the future. shadow.