17 Tips, tricks, and tips, the best of Google +

17 Tips, tricks, and tips, the best of Google +

A whole media revolution revolving around the debate between integration and the fiercest competition, analyzing the forms and formulas through which, Google seeks the hegemony of the network? make the most of exposure and social emergence to build a new social positioning? … As I point out that it is a reality is that Google has thrown the rest with its social bet, a bet that a few weeks after its birth, has already achieved the loyalty of many users. A friendly navigation that emulates the Facebook wall, a clearer exposure of personal reputations, circles and hangouts in your bid to get all the answers to who we are, what we can contribute and what is our added value, make Google + a big step for the network and a challenge for traditional social networks? There is still the question in the air although one of the great advantages of Google + is the coverage of -1 so acclaimed by those who were looking for the I do not like it and with it, we delve into the applications, tricks and tips to make the experience social a plus.

1.- Social integration

One of the great challenges for brands lies in the integration of Google + with the most used social networks, Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter, mainly. The Extended Share extension allows us to share Google + publications in a simple way in the rest of the companies. social networks.The promotion of languages ‚Äč‚Äčand the opening and integration of markets is evidenced by the ability of the Helper for Google+ extension through which content can be translated simultaneously when it is sent to Twitter.

2.- Direct communications with the authors, the author is today more relevant

The authors, the author acquires relevance, content creators are consolidated as the main objective of Google + in measuring the relevance of reputation, the author begins to be essential to gain a foothold in the current positioning. Replies and More en the extension for Google Chrome to send a comment to the author of the publication.

3.- I don’t like influence at the service of quality

In relation to the interaction, the -1 Minus One extension allows the equivalent of the wide and constant dislike demanded by Facebook users. Improvements also in usability, thanks to the application that allows hiding the string of comments attached to some Publications informing from a bar of the number of them and giving the possibility to read them, this is a function that, at least the version for smartphones of Facebook also includes.

4.- Design and creativity at the service of content

Google + allows us to highlight our contents, thanks to the parameterization of our messages we can set bold, italics and underlined.


(_) italics (_) (-) strike-through (-) Bold, italic and underlined interesting in relation to the optimization of our content, always at the beginning and end of each word or phrase.

5.- Contact management

In the same way as in Twitter, the way to name a user works with the @ or including a + before the name. And the blocking?… To block users, access the profile and click on blocking a specific contact. 6.- Networks, Google + and RSS

The profile URL is the one who establishes the link between the RSS and one more Google user, linking the number assigned to each user’s profile with the address

https://plusfeed.appspot.com is enough to link an RSS to a user, not only is it a powerful reputation measurement tool, but it is an invaluable source of information for brands, users constantly report on what they demand from the network.

7.-Access from Google + to Facebook

Google + allows you to use Facebook without leaving Google and this functionality brings us to a very relevant inflection point. We can use Facebook directly from Google + we can integrate Linkedin, Twitter and Facebook so that we share all our information we can therefore , use Google + and access the rest of applications, tools and platforms, without losing efficiency both in the commitment and in our actions and objectives? … If this were the case, what would prevent users from opting for a single platform to be Google + the door entrance towards the maturation of the social? For this we have the Google + Facebook extension, highly criticized for its privacy problems in Lifehacker (where its creator defends himself against the accusation of distributing malware).

8.- Access from Google + to Twitter

Although there is an application that allows the integration of your Twitter account in Google +, it has not yet achieved the efficiency of some of the functions, which slows down the process. Google + Tweet is the protagonist of this section. The possibility of achieving + 1 to our tweets make up our influence and are essential for the specialization of communities, circles, user lists Tweets + 1 for Chrome

9.- Integration and appearance

It is certainly exciting to lose yourself in the empirical and self-taught learning of a new tool on the Internet. It captures the attention of developers, Web masters, users, brands, marketing and advertising departments, SEO consultants, the social universe is revolutionized and Google’s social proposal more allows integrating Google Chat, modifying colors and appearance in such a way that navigation is more empathetic.The possibility of having a personalized URL is already real, the Gplus.to application allows us to customize it, imagine the possibilities of this utility, we can make our SEO actions carried out on Facebook and Twitter as well as our corporate portal, the Google + URL opens the door to relevant profiles and these are today the key to positioning on the Internet.

10.- interaction, needs satisfied

The possibility of establishing meeting points equipped with audio and video for up to 10 participants is a real revolution for brands and for community managers, now in circles, there is no doubt that social integration in Google + takes the witness of that theory on the rise started a few months ago that advocated a more balanced way, by including physical contact in alliances and synergies, for which Facebook acquired Skype, although the Google + stays represent the real innovation in communications.

11.- The power of geolocation

It was foreseeable that Google would bet on location as an efficiency variable, sharing data related to the location of users is a highly relevant source of information to identify new needs.Thanks to this functionality, Google + allows customizing the circles in which we will show a publication, which as a management element, is unbeatable.

12.- The blog and the contents, central axes of the social presence

Web Portal Let’s not forget, let’s always remember that social networks feed on content and these are still generated today in corporate portals, in blogs Google allows the installation of a plugin for our profile on Google +, this functionality is of great relevance so that in addition to being linked to the quality of the content, users are linked to the social profile of the author of the publications, high efficiency and rigorous balance in a new quality classification. Extension: googleCards.zip

13.- For brands

The practices in the beta version must be done analyzing the social benefits on a personal level, what is sought is that from the interaction in the social network, Google can extract the information it needs to enable new options. company profiles, we are facing the exaltation of who we are, the information that Google + feeds through each one of us, is of great relevance since, social profiles have been consolidated for a long time, at the present time, the new Positioning is achieved through the exaltation of individual profiles. Company profiles are a great challenge for Google +, it is not surprising that they have taken additional time to put it on the scene. Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin have managed to retain the brand’s target audience thanks to company accounts whose efficient management is optimal in terms of building community and traffic to the corporate portal.Google + should put into operation company profiles that provide a Added value to what the current network already offers If, after the Google + experience at the user level, you think it is relevant to have a company profile on Google +, the brand publishes a form to request it.

14.- + 1 = visits How to measure it?

The integration of +1 was carried out successfully, it could be the answer to this question, since Google tools contemplate the data that allow identifying the specific weight of +1 in the total count of visits.

15.- The importance of the Profile

During the last weeks, the beta version of Google + has been capturing the behavior of users, which they have missed that was not mainly contemplated, however, beyond the applications that already exist and allow giving a Google + appearance to our wordpress or those that prevent us from constantly receiving emails from Google + in the gmail account, the specific weight is found in the profiles, from them and their optimization, their relevance in the network, the new social SEO depends on our business, for which it is highly relevant that it be innovative, efficient and exposed.

16.- Time, the great challenge of Google +

Unless the integration occurred automatically, a fact that is not feasible given the experimental and developing phase of Google’s social proposal, time is one of the great challenges facing Google +, the maturation of Facebook , Twitter and Linkedin seem to have started and the current social network is working efficiently. However, it is also a reality that at the present time we still have the vestiges of the prevailing business model in the pre-modification cycle of the algorithm, Google + It could be the way to achieve a social and efficient Internet and for this, the Google social network would not have to be in a hurry as long as it allows integration and it has a positive evaluation by users, Google + will continue to meet its objectives.

17.- Building the social network

This final tip or tip focuses on micro entrepreneurs, brands, prosumers who finally make up the social fabric, the convergence of communication and the paradigms on which the new productive model is based, on which the social revolves as it has been. has always been throughout history.The network looks for efficient, committed, constant people who are committed to quality, with the ability to generate dialogue through opinion, who continue to face obstacles and who know the long and thorny a path that involves the reestablishment of reputation.Google + as competition, as integration, as innovation and natural evolution as it wants to be seen has just been born and only we, those who integrate the profiles, those who share content, those who interact, will be able to to provide it with the necessary efficiency to achieve a social, fair and quality network sounds utopian but in the end it is what is demanded We move towards the Internet (the r ed) social