1Minime raffles two figures among the readers of WWWhatsnew.com

1Minime raffles two figures among the readers of WWWhatsnew.com

1minime.com is the result of the work of several professionals who create 18 cm tall figures with the face of their clients and the body that each one wants.

After sending the profile and front photos of our face, and choosing one of the many bodies available on their website, they will take care of carving and hand-painting the figure, delivering it anywhere in the world.

The brand belongs to the Unitune Concept Limited group, made up of 12 sculptors, 8 painters and 3 molding experts, as well as 6 employees in charge of the general management of the company.

The fact is that since 1Minime are offering two figures to two readers of WWWhatsnew.com, shipping anywhere in the world for free.

To participate in the raffle you just have to write on Twitter or Facebook the phrase

I want to participate in the draw for # 1Minime on WWWhatsnew.com https://wwhts.com/1minime

If you do not have an account in these networks, you can comment on this post to enter the draw.

The period closes at 2:00 p.m. (Spanish time) on Wednesday, October 13. The draw will be held on the same day at 11:00 p.m., notifying the winners via Twitter (through the @juandiegopolo account) or Facebook.