2 password managers to start the year by improving the security of your accounts

Over the last few years we have highlighted on more than one occasion the importance of Internet security, especially in the user accounts that we are creating in the network. Using the same password on all of our accounts can pose a significant security problem, especially if one of our accounts is compromised. This is why it is always recommended to use password managers with which to facilitate the management of different passwords. Below we recommend two interesting options.


If you are looking for an alternative open-source, LessPass is probably the best option. Available as an extension for Firefox and Google Chrome, the password manager stands out for a particularly interesting feature. As you can see on the tool's website, there is no need to synchronize our passwords, as they are not stored on the Internet. Instead, the extension stores the passwords on our computer, so we have to enter the master password to unlock the rest. Fully recommended.


Although the tool has payment plans, it is also possible to use it for free. In addition to being able to create and store passwords, LastPass has other useful options, such as the possibility of keeping digital records of credit cards or the WiFi password, among other things. Also, we can access our passwords from any device.