20 sites to watch educational videos for free

20 sites to watch educational videos for free

One of the many things that we can find on refseek.com are directories of interesting resources for the academic field.

Here you have one of them, a list of websites that you can consult to find educational videos of different categories and levels.


Instructions for multitasking by following 5 minute videos.

Academic Earth

Talks from professionals at prestigious universities.

Big think

Interviews with leaders from around the world.


Math and science video lessons.


Lessons and documentaries of various categories.


Thousands of educational videos from teachers around the world.

Futures Channel

Excellent quality multimedia content to show in classes.


Videos created and published by professionals from various areas.

Internet Archive

The archive.org collection cannot be missed.


With content classified by topic and level.

Math tv

Videos to understand mathematical concepts.

MIT Open CourseWare

Videos from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

MIT World

Talks, ideas and conferences for teachers and students.


Videos for early childhood education.


Thousands of college level videos.


Teachers and students sharing videos. The youtube of schools.

Teachers TV

Collection of videos that help teachers to prepare classes.


Educational video search engine.

Video game

Video tutorials with answers to thousands of questions.

YouTube EDU

The official educational channel of Youtube.