21 applications for web developers

Thanks to the post that I have found in Smashing Hub, I am going to make a small compilation of over 21 ideal web applications for web developers.

In the compilation we will talk about code editors, image editors and logo makers.

Let us begin:

Code editors

Amy Editor is a very sophisticated editor with a great interface that includes professional tools as if you were using an installable code editor.

Among its functions we can highlight that we can open several files through tabs, highlighting the code for different languages ‚Äč‚Äčand the possibility of managing different projects at the same time.

Bespin is an application created mainly by Mozilla Labs developers, basically what it will allow us to do is edit embed codes.

Among them the edition of the new HTML5 code. In addition, it is an application that has already created a plugin with which we can use more functions in the Mozilla Firefox browser.Let’s say Kodingen is a small pack in the cloud, which includes everything you need to program on the internet, that is, an excellent image editor, a code editor and several other tools.

However, there is a problem with this application and it is in fact that it is still in beta, so it can only be used by a limited number of users. However, it is a good application that contains everything necessary for web developers.

EditArea is another tool for editing web code that includes the basic functions of syntax highlighting, searching and replacing the code, as well as multi-language support and several other features.

The best thing is that it is a free code editor so we will have the possibility to host it on our web server.

Practicode is a multi-code editor, that is to say that we can edit from HTML code, to CSS through Javascript, XHTML and Visual Basic Script. All this with an excellent graphical interface and with several tutorials to learn more.

Clean CSS is a simple tool that allows us to completely clean our CSS code, resulting in cleaner and more readable code.

Real Time jQuery Editor is one of the tools that I liked the most about this section and it is that it allows us to edit and code the JQuery code instantly, that is, in real time. With a great interface and functionalities, it is undoubtedly the ideal tool for JQuerry developers.

Image editors

Photoshop.com is a tool that allows us to edit our images on the web. With many of the basic and advanced functions of image editing, it becomes a good alternative to installable photoshop (for those who do not need 100% of the possibilities of the desktop version of Photoshop, of course).

Among its functions we highlight the possibility of: accessing our account with a personalized web address, sharing work, having a 2GB free storage space (or paying several fees to increase this space) and tutorials.

Picnik, as we mentioned several years ago on wwwhatsnew, is a very effective editor that, in addition to the basic features, incorporates advanced features, filters, effects, and a host of other very sophisticated tools.

Pixlr.com, as my colleague Lucas Cepeda spoke well in 2008, is an excellent editor, very powerful, as it includes all the necessary functions, being very easy to use and familiarize yourself with the menus and tools that comprise it.

We can also consider Pixlr as a fairly similar alternative to Photoshop.com or Picnik.

OnlineImageEditor is a simple image editor dedicated especially for those who do not have advanced knowledge about image editing or using professional tools.

With a simple and effective design you will be able to modify your images quickly by adding effects, letters, shapes

Sumopaint is an application that offers us a very pleasant environment to carry out all kinds of effects, filters and adjustments on our photos.

Pixer.us is another excellent free online image editing tool that includes all the basic functions, effects, color combinations. An all-rounder of photo editing.

Logo creators

Flashbannernow is an excellent application to design flash banners for your website or blog without any difficulty in its use.

One of the drawbacks of this site is that in order to be used we must place a banner on our website referring to this service and that we have used it in some part of our website, however, it is still a good application to create personalized banners in flash.

123 Banner is a simple tool that allows us to create logos easily by choosing a template, although it should be noted that not all templates are attractive

Among its functions, we can highlight the possibility of using flags for our creations and a very friendly interface with which we can design quickly and efficiently.

Kizoa is another tool that provides us with all the basic tools to create logos, but apart from them it incorporates other more advanced ones that allow us to fully customize our creation. For example, they incorporate tools to add music, create image transitions, effects, etc.

123Slideshow is an alternative to the previous commented service (123Banner), with quite interesting, functional and above all powerful features. We can easily create logos or flash presentations, with transactions, effects, etc.

Online Logo Maker is a simple tool with which you can create professional banners for your website or blog. The best thing about the service is that it does not require any type of registration to be used, so just by logging in we can start creating or editing banners.

Web 2.0 Logo Generator, is a service designed by simwebsol and that basically allows us to create logos twopunters just by writing the text and choosing several of the options that they propose to improve the final quality and the appearance before downloading it to our computer.

thefreelogomakers.com is a web service that allows us to quickly create logos with its modern and intuitive interface. It includes the most basic tools for creating them.

Mybannermaker is a very powerful web service that allows us, with the help of step-by-step tutorials, to create our logo to add to our website or blog with just a few clicks.

If you have an application for any of these categories, do not hesitate to leave us a comment about it, many users will appreciate it.