3 Google resources to remove CDs and DVDs from our home

Over the last few years, dozens of backup CDs and DVDs of all kinds have accumulated: a photo of the sister's wedding, the mp3s of the old CDs, the videos of the christening that we passed from VHS to DVD in 2001, The archives of our first job, the books from the university… it is an enormous amount of material that not only occupies a precious space in our house, it is also difficult to keep classified information. One or more solutions are necessary.

Although we have all kinds of resources to backup in the cloud and forget about the disks (dropbox, box, shoebox, mega, FTP accounts and a long etc.), we are going to see the three bets of Google:

to) Google play music: It allows us to upload a huge number of music files (50,000, to be exact) to our Google account for free, so we can keep our entire music collection on the Internet without paying anything. Since uploading the mp3 on the web version ( can take a long time, I recommend using Google Play Music Manager, a program that is installed on the computer to make the process quicker and easier of the backup.

The result, as you already know, is a mobile and web application that we can use as our private music player, where there is content classified by artist, CD, music and more.

b) Google Drive: The Google dropbox, with a free space of 15 gigabytes and quite affordable prices after that amount (for 2 dollars a month we can have 100 gigabytes of space, the rest of the prices are here). We can download mobile and desktop drives from this page, making it easy to save all the content from different devices in the cloud.

c) Google Photos: The best alternative to existing Shoebox right now. It allows unlimited backup of all the photos and videos that we have on the computer, CD, DVD or mobile. We just have to download your application (the desktop version is here), and go putting the DVDs and CDs to upload to our space in the cloud.

For this process it is recommended:

– copy the photos from the CD or DVD to the computer, in a temporary directory, since Google Photos does not crawl subdirectories looking for more photos. You can search all the photos on the CD to return *. * And copy and paste the result in a local directory, to avoid having to upload directory by directory. – Verify that the dates of the photos and videos are correct, since Google Photos use that information to classify material in the cloud.

And you, what solutions do you propose to eliminate CDs and DVDs from home?