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3 tips that will help you when buying a microSD for your mobile

Most of us think that it is not at all difficult to buy a microSD card for our phones or devices that require extra space. However, this is a task in which several important factors must be considered. Therefore, here you will see 3 of the most relevant to end the day with a good purchase.

Initially, it should be noted that taking each tip into practice is very simple and thanks to this you will save money and time. So without further comment, Here are the 3 tricks for buying a microSD card.

If you can buy a microSD greater than 32 GB, better than better

Currently, the price of microSD is not excessively high, as it happened a while ago. As of today, a 32 GB memory card can be had for less than 15 euros. Thanks to this, you can take advantage and acquire a good card that covers your necessary expenses regarding the free space you need.

The best advice we can give you is that it is better for you than for missing, so if you need 5 or 10 GB of space, you should have a microSD greater than that space, for example 32 or 64 GB. With this, you can use the space you need and you will have much more, which will be available for anything else you need in the future.

You must know what type of card you are looking for, microSD, SDHC or SDXC

When the time comes to purchase your card you will find 3 different versions: SD, SDHC and SDXC. Each of them determines the compatibility that the same card can have with our mobile device. For example, while the SDHC version has a limited capacity of 32 GB, the SDXC has up to 2 TB (2048 GB). For its part, the SD, known as the oldest and currently least used, has the possibility of saving from 1 MB to 4 GB.

Check that the SD or microSD card is not copy with this trick

We know that in today's technological market, imitation products abound, so you have to be careful with the microSD that you are going to buy. The same company SanDisk, one of the leading companies in the area of ​​manufacturing storage devices, claimed that more than half of its products are pirated versions.

Knowing the above, the most recommended is to verify that our microSD is an original product Googling the 13 digits that appear on the back of the card and that make up the EAN code. If it is an original product, then it will be the same model you bought and you can be worry-free.