3 ways to teach kids coding

3 ways to teach kids coding

Programming is an activity that stimulates concentration and logical reasoning, so teaching children how to program does not have to apply only to future programmers.

Here are three options for children to start their first steps in programming.

Kid’s corner

It is a Microsoft program thinking of those people who want to learn to program and also focused on children to guide them towards that world. Without having previous programming knowledge, with a very simple environment and a more than simple language, it allows you to create libraries to make your programs and / or games come true, with a few lines of code. The Small Basic social website has just been released, you can share your programs with friends, allowing them to try them, being able, in turn, to incorporate your creation on your website or blog.


Educational software that teaches you programming in a 3D environment. We can create animations to tell stories, games or videos. Alice is a free-for-all teaching tool, designed to be a student’s first exposure to object-oriented programming.


Although it is not free if it is very curious since it is the first board game intended for kids aged 11 and over to learn to program. Basic concepts of programming languages ‚Äč‚Äčas serious and complicated as C, C ++ and Java, will have another vision on the table, be fun, didactic and distracted.