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3D printing allows a group of surgeons to practice before performing complex operations

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A group of surgeons at Boston Children's Hospital have been carrying out a curious initiative for some time with the aim of reducing the danger in riskier operations: they have started to use 3D printing technology to print copies of parts of the patients' affected bodies and practice with them before the actual operation.

Thanks to this interesting movement, the group of surgeons we are talking about has managed to save the lives of four children between two months and sixteen years of age who, as they say from the hospital, suffer a major malformation in the blood vessels of the brain that seriously endangers this organ. Due to the enormous difficulty of the operation, the medical team printed 3D copies of the part of the brain affected by the disease in each of the patients with the idea of ​​practicing the complex operation beforehand. Edward Smith – a neurosurgeon at the hospital – commented that thanks to this technology they can hold the 3D model in their hands and observe the problem from different angles, as well as practicing the operation with real instruments and obtaining tactile feedback. Through this strategy, they have successfully operated on the four patients, three of whom had arteriovenous malformations. This type of malformation implies that surgeons must complete the operation in the shortest possible time to avoid serious complications. Thanks to 3D models printing were able to reduce the time of each operation by 12% (30 minutes), an important amount if we consider that the surgery carried out lasted more than four hours per patient.

Undoubtedly, we are facing a most interesting news that highlights the advantages of technology in the world of health.

Source: PRNewswire