3dVIA Scenes and 3dVIA Studio - For creators of 3D animations

3dVIA Scenes and 3dVIA Studio – For creators of 3D animations

3dvia.com is a social network for 3D modeling and animation professionals that I last spoke about a couple of years ago. In it we can share our work with other users, give opinions and give advice to grow together, offering tools to show the work without having to leave the web.

Today 3dVIA has grown into something much larger than a community of designers, offering several excellent tools for working and communicating in three dimensions.

Although there are several products offered, I want to highlight two that particularly attract my attention:

3DVIA Scenes

It is one of the applications that, without the need for installation, allows us to create a scene and an avatar so that our readers can communicate within this small virtual world created. Here I leave you with one of the presentation videos.

3dVIA Studio

It is a free program that allows us to create games and animations quickly and professionally. Integrated with the web environment, this software allows us to share and obtain the models made by the rest of the community, being compatible with up to 30 3D component formats.

With a huge amount of tutorials and videos, the software is currently only available for Windows.