4 Android apps to find free WiFi

Summer brings longer days and high temperatures that encourage us to spend more time away from home. Luckily, our Internet access no longer depends on where we are: thanks to our smartphones and mobile networks (3G / 4G), we can check our email, receive WhatsApp notifications or surf the web (almost) from anywhere.

Unfortunately, many of us are subject to a mobile fee, which often imposes limits on the volume of data transferred. A limit from which the speed of navigation is reduced or we are billed at an additional cost for each new megabyte consumed.

To get to the end of the month without exceeding the data limit of your rate, you can follow these practical tips or you can try one of the 4 Android applications that we present below. Apps to locate and connect to any WiFi access point, public or private, that is around you.

Osmino Wi-Fi

osmino Wi-Fi RIWW is one of the most complete and best-rated apps in its category. With osmino Wi-Fi you can locate WiFi access points on the map and filter according to their characteristics (if it is public, if it has ratings, if it is protected by a password, …). In addition, you can use the Google Maps browser to receive directions on how to get to the WiFi access point from your position and, once connected, do speed tests to decide which hotspot is best for you.

osmino Wi-Fi includes extra features like usage statistics, ad blocking and home screen widgets. Also, you can search for WiFi access points using augmented reality (as shown in the image above). All this, with a minimalist design and attention to detail.

– osmino Wi-Fi: full review and download

Free Zone

Free Zone Movile International also allows you to locate nearby WiFi points and view them on the map. In addition, it includes network speed tests and the ability to automatically connect to available networks or ignore those with weak signals.

However, the strong point of this application is the list of shared passwords fed by the users themselves (crowdsourced).

Don't be scared. The passwords have not been hacked or illegally extracted: they are passwords for public WiFi networks (restaurants, hotels, museums) to which users have previously connected, with the consent of those responsible for the premises, and which have been set other Free Zoners available to avoid the inconvenience of having to ask for the password every time.

– Free Zone: full review and download

WiFi Map

WiFi Map It is an app very similar to Free Zone in terms of functionalities: it allows you to locate access points on the map and offers a list of crowdsourced passwords that each user can continue to feed directly from the app.

However, unlike the rest of the apps on this list, WiFi Map offers more information about the place / business that houses the access point (if it is a coffee shop, a hotel, a supermarket, etc.). In addition, it allows you to download city maps so you can continue to see the access points even when you are offline.

Lastly, WiFi Map can boast of being one of the apps in this category with the largest number of localized access points worldwide. The perfect app for travelers who cannot live offline.

– WiFi Map: full review and download

WiFi Analyzer

Suppose you are in the city center and that you are overwhelmed by the number of access points that previous apps have found around you. In order to choose which connection is the most convenient for you, it is not necessary that you connect and do a speed test of each one. WiFi Analyzer Farproc is an app that shows the signal strength of nearby WiFi networks in a graph.

Thus, the signal strength of each network is represented in the graph with a single color and its position varies in real time. If you move, you will see how the graphics readjust depending on whether you have moved away or have approached the access point (router). Choose the one that suits you best at all times and navigate at the highest possible speed.

– WiFi Analyzer: full review and download

Article written by Emmanuel Lund of Appszoom for WWWhatsnew