4 apps to find a stolen laptop

4 apps to find a stolen laptop

Not long ago, there was the case in which a user lost his laptop, but thanks to anti-theft systems installed in the computer, he was able to discover who took it and where his laptop was, you can see more about this news here, too It includes a video. That is why we have prepared a list with some applications to install on our laptops, in this way, if it happens that we lose it, we can recover it with simple localization tools. We start the list with:


An anti-theft system that once installed, will allow us to know, thanks to its SMS and internet delivery system, if any hardware parameter has been modified or an attempt has been made to access the operating system. If any of these cases appear, the system will block, take a photo through the webcam (if you have one), try to connect to a public WIFI in the surroundings and send all this data over the internet, in the case of not finding the internet, the system SMS will be executed, receiving as a consequence a series of data to know how our computer is. [Disponible para S.O: Linux, Windows, Mac e Android]


We also found LockitTight, a tool compatible with Windows systems that monitors the movements of the computer, sending data and images to hunt down the thief. All the photographs you take will be sent to our Lockittight account.


Adeona is a free and multiplatform application for Linux, windows and Mac Os X with which we can, through a file and a password, discover all kinds of data about our computer, including the public and private IP so that we can detect where our computer is positioned. computer and the thief.


This is one of the applications that I like the most and it is that with it we will be sure that the thief will give a good scare and maybe discourage him from stealing our computer, since when someone disconnects a PenDrive or moves away from the area marked by you, this start emitting a very loud sound. Also, if we wish, we can configure it so that, when the alarm sounds, it deletes the folders we want, in this way we will be sure that if it is stolen they will not see important documents. [Disponible para Windows] Therefore, four basic and safe options that will give us extra confidence to find our computer if we have lost it or it has been stolen during a trip, for example. If you use an application of this type and it is not on this list, you can tell us.