Apps para todas las empresas

4 essential apps for use in companies

With the current technology boom, all companies also need to update their platforms to manage the daily tasks that arise during the day. Thanks to a large number of tools, the to-do list can be arranged in a simpler and more practical way.

The tools we present below They can help any company, SME or startup to develop hundreds of things in different work areas. Get to know how each one works and get the full potential they have to offer you.


It is a digital tool that integrates several applications on a single platform to manage all conversations and things to do from one place. Each project or department can have a tab to discuss ideas and solve problems. In addition, it synchronizes the information of a large number of applications to be able to know the sales reports, budgets, among other things.

This communication alternative has a free version and a paid version, so you can choose the one you need to work productively from a single program. You can download this app from your iOS and Android mobile for free.

Slack: for iOS | for Android


The area of ​​marketing and sales is essential for a business, so with MilChimp you can have a digital help that has hundreds of effective results. With it you can create and send campaigns manage the number of subscribers, learn tips to better practice marketing strategies, among other things. Like the previous one, you can manage the data from its website or from the app for iOS and Android.

MailChimp: for iOS | for Android

For cloud storage

Having the information in the cloud is essential to streamline distribution between workgroups, guarantee backup at all times and save local storage space, as well as facilitate access to content from anywhere. Dropbox and Google Drive are two of the best-known options in this sector, famous for the frequency of their updates, flexibility of the platforms and security when it comes to displaying content.

Other options in the sector: Box and OneDrive (the latter from Microsoft), all of them with a quite similar operation.


And of course, how to leave Trello behind. With this website, hundreds of companies manage the list of things to do, those that have already been done, and the other things that are important to write down. This digital platform allows us to create tables with cards. Each table represents the state in which things are, and each card is designed for us to enter the data corresponding to said task. For example, you can create a board with the list of tools to buy in the business, another one with things already purchased, and an additional one with the projects for the work week.

On our board we can invite any person or worker, and everyone can be assigned to a card, so we know he is working on it. In addition, you can add documents, images, labels with the state of things (urgent, important, etc.), make comments on each card, among other things. It is one of the most used platforms, so we recommend it 100%. All this can be enjoyed from the web version and also from the apps for iOS and Android, all for free.

Trello: for iOS | for Android

You already have everything to make your company work perfectly. Each tool can be used easily, and all provide results if used as they should be.