4 links for those looking for free books

There are a huge number of websites offering free books of all kinds, legally, without piracy, in several languages, and with this list we want to help you find exactly what you are looking for:

– 24 sites with free books: In this compilation we made in 2012 you have a huge number of search engines and book sales sites that offer a category for free content. We all have bubok, 24 Symbols, The Gutenberg Project, Scribd and many others.

– 1000 free programming books: Although most are in English, this list of books is ideal for anyone who programs. It is a collection maintained by more than 200 people within

– 24 books and another 15 to learn to program: More oriented books for those who are learning to program, since they are all basic level.

And an extra:

– Sites with free audiobooks: In this case they are audiobooks, ideal for listening when there is no light, when we cannot have the book in hand or when you are recovering from surgery (as was my case at the time of writing that text) .

As you can see, resources are not lacking. If we add the number of books that can be found on these links, we easily reach several thousand, so dust off your kindle and take advantage of the summer with a good book on your hands.