Haiku Deck

4 other excellent free online alternatives to Microsoft PowerPoint

With all the useful tools on the web, and the unique features that simply running them within a browser give them, it makes little sense to continue depending on specific desktop applications such as Microsoft PowerPoint that although they have a large capacity (the same which with MS Excel) are sometimes used for extremely simple presentations and so new that they make you doubt the practicality of investing so much money there.

Well, we’ve already reviewed six useful free online alternatives (including your own official online version). It is worth clarifying that the problem is not that PowerPoint is not free -if it is useful, few will bother to pay- but with such interesting options available on the web, it is not necessary to depend only on its use to supply the need to create presentations of quality and in moments.

7. Haiku Deck

Inspired by the simplicity of the presentations of famous characters, in addition to the Japanese poetry to which it owes its name for keeping a large amount of knowledge in just a minimum of words, what Haiku Deck offers us is a solution to create elegant presentations without more effort. Three details are key: Your default themes, multiple element layouts, and the image finder Creative Commons integrated. Incidentally, this tool became quite popular on the iPad, only until recently did they decide to download it to the web.

8. EWC Presenter

A very useful option to make infographics but also to create presentations taking advantage of the elements of its first function: dynamic statistical graphics, templates, text ribbons, high quality predetermined shapes and separated by themes, multiple publication options, etc. Intuitive floating menus and multiple sharing options are part of your arsenal. Additionally, it has functions to create animations and enrich them with external multimedia.

9. SlideBean

We recently highlighted her for her clear focus on maintaining the essence of the presentations: Content comes first; The design, although very important, is hardly part of the last steps to create it. What is characteristic is its creation process that responds to such an ideology by first asking, through simple forms, the specific public (a classroom, a work meeting, online, etc.) and the content that you want to include (texts, lists, titles, video and soon graphics too). The rest will be to accommodate some details in the generated automatic results. There are several limits to free submissions but you can try and use them as needed.

10. Metta.io

An ingenious tool to collect and specifically present multimedia material available in online services: Video (from YouTube), image (Yahoo! image search engine), text (Twitter) and audio (SoundCloud). It is as simple as using an omnipotent search engine at its top, adding elements to a library, and adding them to specific clips that will later be put together to form a complete animated presentation. It can be very useful for many students.
We cannot fail to mention the renewal of the Microsoft office suite that seeks to manage the terrain online as much as it does on desktop platforms. For that it has had to be simplified (again, showing itself as a useful alternative to its counterpart for PC), in addition to unifying with OneDrive (the new version of SkyDrive) and becoming clearer in what it offers: an online solution similar to Google Drive and the rest of the ten alternatives that we have mentioned, with the functionalities of conventional Microsoft Office but without having to pay or install any software. Its name is Office.com and it includes, among others, Excel Online, Word Online, OneNote online and, of course, PowerPoint Online. Its functions are limited because it seeks to promote the full version, but they are sufficient for basic editions and quick creations based on a very familiar interface.