4 Tips to get the most benefits for our business on twitter

Twitter has great appeal, both for those who do not yet fully understand it, and for those who are advanced users of the 140-character social network. Getting the most out of Twitter is one of the most sought-after objectives by brands. While it is true that the constant and uninterrupted promotion of obtained and conversations sometimes leads to dispersion of the objectives pursued, Twitter is itself a platform of high efficiency for brands to increase their profits.

What are the greatest strengths that twitter offers to brands?

1.-Business objectives Each of its objectives is composed of the result of different actions, it is essential to identify these elements in order to carry out actions whose results can be measured.Essentially, Twitter opens new channels of information and communication, concrete objectives and aimed at specific events are a Efficient way to optimize the virtues of virality As an eminently content promoter channel, as an informative medium and, as an eminently dynamic and changing channel, the factors that affect any of our tweets are so unknown to us that the best way to optimize -simplifying our actions- actions on Twitter, focuses on the measurement of objectives that are under control. Only by knowing the behavior of the community can we go one step further and adjust other specific and appropriate actions to the following objectives. goals and the sub-objectives and sub-goals that we must meet to move forward is es encial to optimize Twitter for the benefit of our business.2-CommunicatingContrary to what many thought, the promotion of content without dialogue, without input and without quality is considered an attack against the precepts of the social fabric and is punished with ostracism in positioning, a decision that a robot is already capable of assuming. As it becomes more human, it becomes more demanding of people, who must be more and more efficient.No and it is definitely not enough to follow people, if we really want to build an efficient community for our business on Twitter, it is necessary that users know your added value and find a way to communicate with the brand. Carefully select your conversations, be clear about what aspects are of interest to your followers, pay attention to the forms; It is vital that the first transmission is of quality, informative and formative, leaving the objectives related to sales in a secondary plane.Users do not commit to brands that only seek to sell them something, in the same way that Google does not position a brand that does not compromise with the quality of its content and alliances. To optimize Twitter it is essential to have a planning, it is essential to create a good impression and reputation is essential to achieve tweets.3.- Use of the lists for community management Before expanding your community on Twitter, it is essential that you take the time to review and organize your community through the use of Twitter lists. If you have never used them, the microblogging network offers you a comprehensive manual on how the people who make up the community are created and managed. The way in which the community is subdivided into areas of relevance to your business is exclusively yours and They must be carried out after a study and planning of actions aimed at achieving objectives. You can establish customer lists for example with standard criteria: people close to your location or others. One of the best ways to learn to optimize this option is by analyzing what the competition is doing. Seeing how other companies organize their communities can be very helpful. Twitter offers the ability to create private and public lists. Public lists are the most frequent, people love to be on lists because it allows them to be aware of what users and their contact networks are doing and allow the community to grow. Creating lists to organize the community associated with Branding on Twitter, through the assignment of each person to the appropriate list, is essential to optimize the benefits of the social network. To do this, use the list button to add each user as a follower to the appropriate list. HootSuite allows you to create a conversation flow from a Twitter list.4.- Bet on the growth of the communityCommunity management, the process by which people are added or removed from our Twitter community, is a non-stop and ongoing activity. It is essential to allocate a space of weekly periodicity, to the maintenance of the community. Here, realistic objectives are also essential. Set achievable goals, 10, 20, 50 new followers each week. It is also important that there is a balance between the number of followers and the users we follow in order to consolidate sustained and efficient growth. If we follow too many users in the In the short term, we could be classified as a spammer and the Twitter account will be suspended. Let’s not forget the social nature of this network. A welcome message to a new user from a compromised brand should not be limited to the direct message established by default. establish an efficient way to manage the community, develop a personalized message to the user, for which, consulting their profile and getting to know the new member more is essential.