4 ways to find properly licensed photos for your blog

Although it is a topic that I have already covered several times, it is important to know the places that we can use to find photographic material with the appropriate license for publication on a website.

– On the one hand we have dozens of free image banks that are responsible for putting together this type of material. Not long ago I made a list of 25 of them, there are even search engines that help us find the material published by these banks.

– Wikimedia, while not my favorite method, also has a huge amount of content properly licensed for use. Wikimedia Commons was created for that, although there is no guarantee that the user who uploaded the photo has the proper rights to do so (he needed to lose a court case to learn the lesson).

– View.Picapp.com is an excellent celebrity photo search engine. All of them are licensed to be used on websites. We can choose the image, select the size and copy the code to publish it on our pages.

– Finally we have Flickr, with millions of photos released for publication with licenses of all kinds. Just today, thanks to techcrunch, wylio.com, I met a photo search engine of this type that offers the publication code after informing the desired size.

Four methods that can help us avoid legal problems while allowing us to illustrate the content we publish on a daily basis.