4 Ways to Present Academic Content

4 Ways to Present Academic Content

The world changes at the speed of light day by day, we realize that the usual ways of doing things have been improved or, failing that, integrated with new technologies, to give a faster result. The ways of making academic presentations are not the exception and we present four sites that have bet in this area of ‚Äč‚Äčinterfaces to this daily need that is had at all educational levels.

Big Marker

An excellent option where it allows you to create online tutors, web conferences with friends, family or colleagues, broadcast an event in real time among others and in the best way for free. Its interface is new, especially easy to use, allowing you to create private rooms which are accessed by your guests by means of a password; allowing you to use a chat with the options of text, audio and web camera, at the same time it gives you a digital whiteboard where all participants can write and draw, giving the room administrator the functions of controlling who can take the floor.


A novel Slideshare service to create online presentations allowing you to share them with your own public and at the same time be able to respond to them by basically doing a community-style interaction, all this without having to download anything to our machines. If you use the free version, the presentations can be private or public, giving the guideline to add third-party advertising at the bottom of your presentation, but if we talk about the Premium version, it eliminates advertising and allows you to protect your slides by means of a password.


A free tool characterized by its design aimed at creative collaboration in a simple and real time. Users collaborate in the creation and edition of the drawings and images to be used, allowing better learning. Access to mathematical functions is also provided, comments go directly to the board in a sidebar, it allows the use of chat either in the form of text or audio. With this type of option, it gives all lovers of mathematical sciences a space to be able to get the best out of this site, where its purpose is to provide a space for academic learning.


A new Log Me In service of which there is already a very good reference, this site uses the advantages already developed by Log Me In, allowing users to communicate with Windows and Mac in a simple way, quickly accessing their screens between each other, in order to carry out projects together. It works in the same way as its parent, we must download a Join.me client, then once downloaded and installed you can start sharing screens with the members of your team, chat, use a scientific calculator for a better explanation for students who want to solve equations and various functionalities. Review them, test them and draw your best conclusion. Source freetech4teachers.com