5 Android code editors to continue programming on your mobile

Being a programmer involves spending long hours sitting at a desk, in front of a monitor and hooked on a keyboard. The laptop or desktop computer has always been the main work tool of the software developer.

However, there are already many mobile applications that allow those who make a living by digging code to carry out their functions from anywhere, without the restriction of being locked between four walls.

The code editors or IDEs (the English acronym for Integrated Development Environment) are no longer exclusively desktop software. Now programmers (professionals or amateurs) can now create, review and share their programs directly from their smartphone or tablet. Discover below five of the best code editors for Android.


Codeanywhere is the official Android application of the eponymous web service: a cross-platform IDE in the cloud that allows developers to access their code from any browser or compatible application.

The Codeanywhere app is a text, code and markup editor with syntax highlighting for over 75 programming languages ​​and with hints and auto-completion for 6 of them (HTML, CSS, XML, Javascript, PHP and Python). In addition, Codeanywhere allows version control (GIT), cloud sync, keyboard with shortcuts for programmers and many more options for text formatting and customization.

– Codeanywhere: full review and download

Quoda Code Editor

Quoda Code Editor It is a very good alternative if you are looking for versatility. Quoda includes syntax highlighter and snippets for a multitude of programming languages. In addition, it is equipped with a special keyboard with shortcuts to the most used symbols. Finally, it allows you to sync your projects in the cloud (Dropbox and Google Drive) and has a good assortment of customization themes. The pity is that it does not integrate any version control system and that it lacks one view per project.

– Quoda Code Editor: full review and download


The approach of AWD IDE it is more limited: web development using PHP, HTML, CSS and Javascript. Therefore, the autocomplete and syntax highlighter options are limited to these languages. However, it has almost everything a web developer might need in their mobile IDE: automatic creation of the web project directory (js, css, php and index.html folders), keyboard with shortcuts, text formatting tools, execution and file preview and GIT version control.

Also, the PRO version of AWD adds web servers so you can run PHP code locally.

– AWD IDE: full review and download


If what you are looking for is a light and simple code editor to capture your ideas or debug code when you are not in front of a computer, DroidEdit de Andr Restivo is a very good option. Its strong point is its minimalist approach that translates into ease of use.

It's impossible to get lost with DroidEdit thanks to the interface layout: the side menu and the bottom bar keep all the options always accessible and, in addition, the navigation by tabs between files is very intuitive. It also doesn't falter in terms of functionality: it supports syntax highlighter for a good handful of programming languages, as well as auto-tabulation, find and replace and other text formatting options.

It does not integrate GIT or auto-complete options but it allows to synchronize files in the cloud (Dropbox, Google Drive) and preview files in the browser or console.

– DroidEdit: full review and download

Turbo Editor

Turbo Editor Masky is an open source code editor focused on productivity. Both the interface (with a design based on Material Design) as keyboard shortcuts allow you to create, review and edit code in a more streamlined way.

Turbo Editor has everything you could ask of a mobile code editor (syntax highlighter, file preview in browser, autosave, …) but no additives beyond themes and other customization options. And still, it's still one of the best options for those looking for a lightweight and nimble code editor.

– Turbo Editor: full review and download

Article written by Emmanuel Lund of Appszoom for WWWhatsnew