5 applications to manage our passwords

When we use the Internet a lot, the most normal thing is that the keys accumulate, so it is possible that we forget some passwords. That is why today we recommend some services that allow us to manage our passwords in the cloud in this way, if we forget them, we can quickly recover them.


We start the list with LassPass, an excellent and simple password manager that is currently one of the most used.


Excellent password manager that in addition to performing this function also helps us protect our confidential data such as house alarm codes, application serial numbers, mobile pins, credit cards …


In a third place we find Passpack a centralized password manager that uses AES and SSL technology for this so that when we manage them, nhacker can see the keys. To connect we can use different social services such as Yahoo, Facebook, Google, Twitter, Gmail …


Another alternative to store our passwords is Mitto, which with its excellent minimalist interface allows us to quickly save and recover the keys.

Password ++

And finally we find Password, an application developed with Google Application Engine that allows creating lists with passwords, these lists will be encrypted and saved with a keyword that we will previously generate. In short, five popular services that will help us manage and recover our passwords. If you know any service of this caliber, we would like you to briefly comment on it in the comments, in this way you will help thousands of users.