5 IoT projects that we will see at the IoT Solutions World Congress

The IoT Solutions World Congress is approaching, a great event in the world of technology that will take place at the Fira de Barcelona from October 16 to 18, and we already have the first data on the projects that will be demonstrated on those dates.

There are 5 already confirmed testbeds, experimental platforms designed to implement innovative solutions and test them under real operating conditions. The practical applications presented at the IoTS Solutions World Congress (IoTSWC) will be coordinated and supervised by the Industrial Industrial Consortium (IIC), and among them we will have:

– The test bench of smart home access developed by Marantec and Guh show a system capable of responding logically to different situations once deployed. The doors are capable of ventilating the property if recommended by temperature and humidity sensors, combining their action with lighting control systems already installed, notifying the maintenance service of the exact type of error experienced, integrating a delivery service capable of transforming a garage in a mailbox or even install cheap electric charging stations in private garages and make the private garage an available charging point for the public.

– Danish footwear brand ECCO partners with Dassault Systmes, the 3Dexperience company that is leading the way towards sustainable innovations, and launching an experience in which individual biomechanical data is analyzed in the same store to combine the result with additive manufacturing techniques capable of create custom shoes quickly. Through portable sensors and in just 30 seconds, 3D scanners determine the individual fit and create a custom midsole, which is the functional heart of the shoe. In a couple of hours, custom midsoles will materialize for the selected shoe model. This 3D printing shoe project is revolutionizing the consumer goods industry, pushing the boundaries of product customization and the consumer experience.

– A smart fire truck Developed by Emergency One together with Vodafone, equipped with a set of solutions that allow the automation of a series of tasks in the vehicle's control panel. While RFID smart tags, sensors, and hardware ensure all vital equipment is on board, water sensors measure the capacity of the tank and the amount of water that has been used in each performance. The truck can also record when sirens and emergency lights are being used, ensuring that equipment is covered from a legal perspective. When necessary, data collected from all vehicle sensors can create a subsequent report that collects team members, how long an incident was attended to and other required data.

– The Zaragoza-based company Libelium will participate in the testbeds area with a solution developed for the Iranian fish farm ASM Afarinesh Samaneh Mehr Engineering Co. on the Caspian Sea coast. Libelium developed a Smart Water system for measure water quality parameters of fish farms in the north of the country using the LorIoT communication network and the Thing + visualization. The new platform has achieved results through sensors deployed in buoys, improving the productivity of the hatchery, reducing mortality and reducing costs and production time.

– The deployment of complex IoT systems that combine sensors and cloud-based platforms are now almost as easy to configure as plug-and-play devices. Currently, it takes 20-40 minutes per IoT device to provision an IoT device management system in the cloud, and most require pre-configuration by manufacturers or a certified installer for manual on-site configuration. Mocana, together with Intel and ARM, have developed a system capable of configure equipment and sensors and have them stream relevant data to any cloud-based platform seconds after power on.

IoTSWC combines a conference, a trade show and test benches, and hopes to bring together 300 exhibitors and 250 speakers from around the world. You can see more data on its official website (we still have some free income, you can ask for it on our social networks).