5 keys to upload videos on YouTube and grow without trying

Anyone can easily upload videos on YouTube, but from there to achieving success constantly is a great step that not everyone can achieve. To make this platform profitable for an account or company, it is necessary to take into account some factors that can be the springboard to make the big jump in this application.

With the following indications that you will see below you can increase the chances that YouTube is more profitable for your project or business than you imagine. Know each of the keys to successfully upload YouTube videos.

Set the type of videos you expect to post

Whether you opt for timeless videos, or the most important news on your subject, you must be clear that you cannot jump from one type to another during each period of time. If you choose timeless content you will have endless information that you can share today, tomorrow or the day after. Now, if you go for the news, you should know that it is ephemeral content, so you have to be quick in publishing the video. But beware Being quick does not mean leaving behind the good quality of the publication..

Make sure that users comment and feel identified with what you want to broadcast

Here you have to win each user, one at a time. Not neglecting the public is an essential key because these people will be in charge of sharing the information, issuing good comments, following your channel and liking everything you want to publicize. If a good percentage of viewers can comment and interact on what you upload, be a big step to grow little by little, thus favoring your profile in the app.

The title must be optimized to the maximum, always

What is always sought is a title that certifies that the concerns will be answered there, that it is attractive, and that the doubt is also present. Google's algorithms do not penalize using capital letters or emojis, so you can opt for this method of creating titles. Likewise, it is recommended that an SEO title has no more than 60 characters, because Google does not see it well and can make your visits not upload, even if you have good content.

Don't forget a good description

Another fundamental aspect in creating videos on YouTube is the description that accompanies the post. As far as possible you must ensure that the title is within the first words, so it will be better located in the search engines.

Translating videos also helps in certain cases

If you see that there are people from another country watching what you upload each week you can choose a dialect that is understood in most Spanish-speaking countries. On the other hand, it is recommended to translate the video into English in cases where you think there may be a more global scope.

Use labels, but don't exceed their use either

A common blunder seen on YouTube is watching hundreds of tags in a video that can be engaging. Using labels too much can be a bad thing for many people. Contrary to this, you should not fall into the strategy of not placing any, on the contrary. Moderate the use of this tool to attract users.