5 Kickstarter technology projects worth knowing

The category of kickstarter technology is always full of curious inventions that are looking for money to come true. Many of them manage to generate enormous interest in a very short time, exceeding in an abysmal way what was initially requested, others are extremely interesting, although they do not get the desired noise and end up being forgotten.

Let's now look at five projects worth knowing:

Remix Mini

The Android minicomputer that we discussed a few weeks ago and that has already obtained more than 1 million dollars of financing, much more than the 50,000 orders. There are still 21 days to go, so a record is expected on the platform.

LightBlue Bean +

A small Arduino compatible board that can be programmed wirelessly using Bluetooth. It only needs to be charged once a year, and its possibilities are immense, since it has several sensors for us to program from alarm systems to music players. They are still 27 days away and he has already raised double what they are asking for.


The magnetic adapters for mobiles that already have more than 2 million dollars in their coffers, more than 20 times the amount they asked for. They will sell them for just $ 9, hence their popularity.


A mobile sound amplifier that has multiplied by four the amount originally requested. There are still 51 days until the campaign ends, so a success with few precedents is expected.


A camera that takes 3D photos and can be embedded in the mobile. It has not reached the $ 200,000 they are asking for, but they are so close, and it takes so long, that it will surely be a real project in a few months.

As you can see, the world of technology continues to grow apart from large companies.