5 tips to search efficiently in Gmail

As a user addicted to Gmail I have found, over time, some techniques that allow me to transform it into a fairly effective tool to manage my tasks, although until today I do not know the tricks that have been published on nytimes.com to use their search engine.

Here I leave you with five techniques that can help you a lot to find the email you are looking for:


You can find an email from a certain person using desde:.

In this way, if you need the text about gamusinos from your contact Pedro, you can search

gamusinos from: Pedro


gamusinos to: Pedro

if the email was sent by you.


With in: we can specify the place where the desired email is located. You can try it with

Viagra in: spam

for example.


We can find emails with attachments using has: attachment. Something like this:

from: Pedro has: attachment

I will return Pedro’s emails that have files included.

If you know the name of the file you can specify it in this way

filename: robots.txt

for example.


One of the most useful, it allows us to filter by dates using despues de: (emails after the indicated date) or before: (previous emails). Thus

Invoice from: Pedro has: attachment after: 2010/05/01

We will return Pedro’s emails that have the word Invoice, with an attachment and dated after May 1.

Read, not read, important or Chat

Depending on their status we can also filter emails. We just have to specify it using is:Examples:

from: David is: read


Invoice is: chat