5 tools to create professional HTML5 websites

5 tools to create professional HTML5 websites

HTML5 is becoming very fashionable, that is why we are going to share some free tools to create professional websites in a few minutes, using and supporting this standard, tools presented a few days ago at machoarts.com.


We start the list with Initializr, a simple tool with which we can create professional HTML5 websites in a few minutes, for this we just have to choose the parameters we want our site to have, choose the design and download the project to our computer in ZIP format .


In a second place we find Modernizr, an open source JavaScript library that allows us to detect the support of features of the new W3C standards in the user’s browser. The main function of this code is that it informs us of the compatibility of the browser that the user has, offering an alternative experience, in this way we can automatically apply a certain style / property so that you can enjoy our website comfortably.


Wallaby is a desktop application created by Adobe that allows you to easily convert a FLA file to HTML, in this way we can show alternative content if the user does not have flash activated in their browser.


On the other hand we find SproutCore, a Javascript framework open source and multiplatform that allows us to create web applications that look similar if not the same as a native computer application.

CSS3 Generator

CSS3 Generator is an ideal tool for programmers who have just started in this world, basically what it allows to do is create custom functions in CSS3, for this we just have to choose the variable and go modifying the parameters that it asks for. To finish this article, we would like to know some applications that you use of this caliber, in this way you will help thousands of users to handle this new W3 standard more easily. Goes: MachoArts