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5 videos to understand the scale of planets, stars and galaxies

The Universe is large, very large, enormous, so large that it is difficult to understand it with simple numbers, where billions, trillions and others lose their meaning in a society in which we are not used to thinking of those types of numbers.

In order to try to solve this problem of loss of scale, of notion of distances, many videos have been published that, intuitively, help us understand what we are talking about when we say that the Milky Way has between 200,000 million and 400,000 million stars, or when we claim that it would take 1,100 years for an airplane to circle the largest known star.

We have compiled the five most popular videos in this category, and here we leave it:

Comparing celestial body sizes

A classic, seen more than 12 million times, in which the planets are shown next to different stars to end up presenting the largest known.

The known Universe

Published 5 years ago by the American Museum of Natural History, this video already has over 14 million views. In it we move away from planet Earth to know where we are within the Universe.

The sizes in our Universe

Another classic, with more than 1 million visits, showing the smallest and the largest in our Universe

Distances in the Universe

A fantastic video that shows, in a didactic way, how far things are in our Universe. Unfortunately it is only in English.

The scales of the Universe, in Spanish

A compilation of images showing the scales in our Universe, with comments in Spanish.