500 Startups - A hotbed of future successful companies

500 Startups – A hotbed of future successful companies

An event that for the second consecutive year managed to attract a good number of investors and companies that show their products, to obtain risk capital, where they cover a wide range of areas, from applications for mobile phones as well as social networks, according to the site. Below we show some of the projects present in the breakout sessions, which were not necessarily chosen for being promising, but for being interesting in front of others.


It is a tool that promises an effective management of Outlook or Gmail mail, based on robust plugins, which will make it easier for the user to focus less time on arduous tasks with the mail, also integrating it with Google Calendar and what leads to the easy search information.


This project is framed as the smartest voice response and analysis of customer insights, which does not need a large infrastructure to manage the call center, providing it with market research, customer satisfaction, political surveys among other various options, which greatly benefit this sector of companies.


A unique project that is part of the seedbed of this event, which its founder Samuel Rosen presents to us and explains that if you are a speaker, your tool can systematically manage the event, encompassing all the logistics that these types of events present. Currently it has very influential personalities from the media who have already trusted to register in the tool to enjoy the services.

Social stork

Very significant application for future moms and happy babies, which is installed on Facebook to notify all relatives of the arrival of another member of the family, its founder, millionaire Joel Auge, who abandoned his studies to dedicate himself to business, explains why he was inspired to launch this tool.


Apparently this application is a gold mine, since its fundamental function is to be a social influencer, which can be paid without being sold, excellent business model which I discovered how to monetize facebook. Do not doubt that this tool will soon be acquired by a great of the technology industry.


This group presents a solution that can save many a headache, with the famous business cards, a card album or rather, turning it in the long run into a collection that is generated by the large amount according to our flow of relationships.


Commented a few hours ago here on wwwhatsnew, is a spectacular project that stole attention in its presentation in today’s session, where they have the hand of Langille Stewart and Lee Sherman as founders, sponsored as pre-launch partners with CNN and The Huffington Post of Data VisualizationTo see the interviews made by these groups that highlighted the previous projects, enter techcrunch.