6 beautiful and useful alarm and alarm apps for Android

Today we review half a dozen alarm and alarm applications for Android that stand out for their good design and for the interesting approach that they give to such an important task now carried out by our mobiles.

AlarmMon, mini-games when the alarm sounds

An entertaining application that in addition to colorful characters and loud alarms ready for configuration, offers multiple mini-games as soon as it is time to get up or attend the event that requires a wake-up call. Then, as soon as it starts to sound, a predefined minigame will be displayed and the progress in it will be rewarded with points that can be exchanged for more items.

Morning Routine, for advanced monitoring of getting up

A brilliant implementation of the Material Design visual guides. Morning Routine It stands out for its bundle of options to complicate the silencing of alarms: from a panel to limit its duration to the completion of sequences of actions and the requirement to get up to scan a barcode. It is complemented by climate data and historical statistics of the time spent in silencing the alarms.

Neon Alarm Clock, with nen interface and quick movement actions

Colorful neon circles surround Neon Alarm Clock's multiple alarms, characteristic of the actions that allow them to be controlled: Turn the phone upside down to silence them and repeatedly shake the phone until they are completely turned off. A slow mode will also be present to gradually increase the sound to its maximum. In its paid version it offers the possibility to change the colors of the circles and to define a song in MP3 as a tone.

Alarmify, to alarm music on Spotify

Alarmify is an excellent option for those who do not quite like the alarm tones that come with the mobile and would be more than happy to be awakened by their favorite music, in fact, that is what it does, allow you to connect a Spotify account with this alarm app to be able to quickly and as a tone, set a song or favorite playlist saved in Spotify.

Watch, the same Android Lollipop but for all users

The elegant clock application that comes pre-installed in Lollipop is also offered in the Play Store for other Android users who do not have this version of the OS. Clock features a striking Material Design-based interface that in addition to adding the current time of other cities in the world to its home page, it offers quick access to a stopwatch, a timer panel and a multiple alarm creation system to configure in depth with a few taps

Timely, elegant app with HD tones and puzzles to stop

An application with an interface so elegant that even Google was convinced to buy it -although keeping it independently. Timely offers a method of setting alarms with just a quick swipe, multiple visual themes, a huge collection of high-quality tones organized by categories, an intelligent sound mode that activates a light tune to not get up from hitting and even an option to activating puzzles making the alarm only stop if they are solved, something simple only if you are really awake.