7 Google + actions that will change SEO

7 Google + actions that will change SEO

An interesting article published on Ignite Social Media by Brian Chappell invites us to reflect on how Google + can change the rules of the SEO game. There is no doubt that Google is the most powerful machine in the world in the realm of business based on public relations. During the last times and after the launch of the new algorithm that seeks to banish the lack of quality of the framework, much has been said about Page Rank, a brand classification system that saw the light there in 2001 and that has caused many headaches for those who focused on actions aimed at increasing them. Very linked to the PR we are the role of links that if we extrapolate them from the strengths that underlie social interaction, they seem to have less and less specific weight if, the links as well as the Page Rank are not useful for the business if they are not sustained under the fundamental premise of the quality that It is only possible with good social interaction. Similarly, the PR as a classification of brands, does not make any sense if it is not obtained through the actions and their quality of the brands in the network, what if it does not conform to the reputation?

Now Google + is here to stay, the new commitment to the search engine’s social congregation, which sees the light surrounded by debate, a debate that lights the fuse of quality and that manages to take a further step in exposure, connectivity and interaction , as central axes of growth on the Internet.

What seems to be a reality is that interacting socially is today the central core of growth. Google + arrives to consolidate itself as a meeting point between information and advertisers (brands) as far as exposure and business model are concerned; This is SEO could eventually experience changes from the staging of the more social aspect of the search engine and the increasingly human robot. Some modifications carried out in the search engines, the tangible sample of these changes is a quality that the status updates will be used to measure the reputation of the brand, the writer, the Web master in short, Google could in a very creative and innovative way establish a comprehensive SEO in which the algorithms applied to the interaction of Google + would have a specific weight of relevance for SEO purposes

Google + Circles

While links are votes for corporate portals, Google + circles is consolidated as a vote for people, this allows to measure the influence, the reputation within the network.

Google +1 Button

The Google +1 button is a functionality based on metrics and it is more than evident that statistics allow obtaining highly relevant data, although it is true that its penetration is not entirely clear and that it must face a readjustment of the social routine users are used to.

Google + Sparks

We go one step further with this Google functionality. Through it, a highly efficient relationship can be built between the vote of a user and their preferences, tastes and interests, established in the profile.Thus we take another step in the comprehensive assessment of positioning, an SEO for the brand and a personal SEO that merge, resulting in an environment in which only permanent presence and interaction and quality, as a commitment to efficiency, will allow us to advance within our market.

Google + Profiles

Definitely, personal data are the basis for the location, satisfaction of interests and the staging of new goods and / or services that respond to needs. From the interpretation of this data, consigned in the profile, tending actions are derived To achieve a more comprehensive positioning, a magnificent and efficient formula that allows us to advance with our brand through quality and protection, all prosumers today, we must not forget.

Google+ meetings

Chat with video and audio it is possible that from these conversations complementary information may be derived that could eventually be analyzed and transformed into data to achieve quality social SEO, which finally seems to be where we are going.

Location always present

The configuration of the GPS, which is one of the key elements of Google +, allows brands to direct their products using the traditional and never well weighted, element of geographic location One more step towards hegemony or one more step towards social integration and the staging of an efficient proposal for personal and business SEO, what seems certain is that Google does not want to be left out of social interaction and the mobile is more than an innovation, it is a way of life that is here to stay, earning more and more followers.Photos, exhibition of who are we? What do we do?… The augmented reality of the social, allows us to form links through the elements that allow our recognition. Google + can not only track our data but also allows Google to understand who we are and what we do in the real world and although it seems a definition of science fiction, it must be analyzed from the specific weight that this, geolocation has in the business world and when brands and good SEO depend.Additionally, Google allows interaction with other social networks, there is no doubt that SEO will know who we are


Google + is Anti-Spam

Google has been able to take advantage of the study of its competition and, while the usual social networks still have obstacles and challenges around the control and eradication of spam, Google also has an incalculable number of mechanisms that allow filtering social interaction towards quality. , it is easy to imagine that with this antispam proposal, the current SEO indivisible mixture of emotion and reason, of action and reaction, of integration and innovation, through which we human beings who build the network in one way or another, achieve with Google + take a step towards efficiency.Now the conclusion It is a reality that we have witnessed the birth of efficient actions to improve our actions in the network achieving a social SEO of our interaction, so we know that by linking our content to the URL of the page on Facebook or establishing search criteria in our promotions and interactions, as well as efficiently managing and activating a list of contacts on twitter, we can make the robot look at us socially, which includes prominent positioning of our brand and ourselves. Now Google + takes a step further and While profiles that do not have an active network presence or have not yet made the leap interact with their contact networks, Google + can identify them and achieve an improvement in the positioning of the brand, based on quality, which would indirectly be collaborating so that the brand they represent, the local business it owns, opens up new advertisers to the network … new new opportunities innergies‚Ķ new businesses.Social media and SEO begin to walk together And, just as we think that it is not necessary to be aware of Page Rank fluctuations all day because only with quality, commitment and perseverance a good ranking is built, it is very relevant to bear in mind that at the present time, the constant presence in The network is what opens the doors to achieve SEO quality actions, social presence, Page Rank, traffic, all of which comes as an effect derived from a job well done, although effectively, the new functionalities of Google + make it more efficient, visible and complete to social SEO.