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7 great uses for drones, none lethal [Infografí­a]

Although some get them just to spy, offend a team in front of millions of viewers and carry out actions as fearsome as putting a pistol on them – not to mention other military uses in which they become weapons themselves – drones are at the service of the humanity and there are many examples in which such utility is noted.

As a sample of the above, the company of industrial supplements Kwipped has shared on Reddit an excellent infographic highlighting 7 interesting uses that drones are already given in different companies and parts of the world:

  1. To deliver food and beer, for example, by bringing it closer to the user's location and releasing it with a parachute.
  2. To monitor natural areas and preserve animal species by recording their behaviors, without affecting them, but to prevent poachers from attacking them.
  3. For the search and rescue of people reaching sections that are not easily explorable.
  4. For promotional work by displaying advertisements in the air – once again, without offending the competition with flying ghosts.
  5. To provide Internet services in places where it is not possible to carry complex networks.
  6. To also provide medicines to remote areas that are difficult to access, for example, after heavy winter seasons.
  7. For the detection of sharks on the beaches.

Uses such as avoiding illegal logging in the Amazon and recording the evolution of its forests remain – although they can be included to a certain extent within the first option – but the list is more than interesting.

Anyway, below you can check the infographic; If size is a problem, click on this link to see it in its original dimensions.