7 tips for an efficient Linkedin;  Marketing and SEO at the service of opportunities

7 tips for an efficient Linkedin; Marketing and SEO at the service of opportunities

At the present time, talking about building a reputation associated with the business environment and Linkedin is the same. There is no doubt that Linkedin is consolidated as the largest business social network in the world. Showcase of reputations that find in the social network a way to promote their achievements complemented with a job board and multiple sections of interest that allow us to show the latest content published by our brand, know who visits our profile and meet the brands at which which represent. Linkedin is, in short, an efficient social network for the construction of the online business fabric. And while it is true that a reputation is currently much more than a succession of business actions, a good profile on Linkedin makes the difference between looking at the competition from the sidelines or getting closer and closer to new opportunities to satisfy needs. .

But how do you create an efficient Linkedin in 7 steps?

one.-Experience Let’s start with the simplest; the management of our experience, in the same way that when preparing a curriculum vitae we focused on the exaltation of our greatest achievements and results. The experience section in an efficient Linkedin profile should contain all those answers to the question: What can I do for brands, what is my added value? The more quantified they are, the better, only in this way, companies can calculate the ROI in relation to you and obviously the more optimal the better. Remember that brands need tangible data and that achievements, visits, followers, etc. allow to quantify the type of professional you are. 2.-Social networks Social networks, essential today to build an online reputation, if you are not present, you simply do not exist. Let brands know other facets of yourself, how you work (for which Facebook is undoubtedly a great ally), what are your skills to generate opinion (Twitter, essential), and opinion groups generated within Linkedin.In the same way, links to your personal blog and to any platform where your work can be evaluated, make the management of our profile on Linkedin more efficient, attracting the attention of interested brands.Constant interaction It is convenient to stop and reflect in this section on the importance of using Linkedin as a dynamic network, frequently publish on your wall those areas of your activity that are a contribution to the community to which you belong. In the same way, share information about your network that you consider of quality and do not stop linking each of your publications to Twitter automatically.Tell me what application you use and I will tell you what your efficiency isAmong the main applications that can be included in Linkedin to achieve that a profile is in itself an identification of you as a professional, we highlight Slideshare, for presentations, Box.net, for Word, Excel and adobe pdf files. that, in this section you apply common sense; The quality of the documents you show on your Linkedin profile depends on the attention you unleash on the brands; higher quality = higher knowledge = higher efficiency. 5.-Recommendations, always relevantWhile it is true that the horizontal nature of the social fabric should not be forgotten for a moment, it is also a reality that traditional cover letters are reflected on the social Web in the recommendations that third parties make to you through Linkedin. In general, three recommendations are enough for the positioning of your Linkedin profile to acquire the expert level.Expert positioning, segmented hyper, specialist hyper, connected hyperYears of experience in specialized topics corroborate your profile as an expert professional, it is for this reason that sharing our actions in the business framework on our Linkedin profile, gives it the necessary dynamism to achieve a good positioning also … in search engines.Note: Sera Is it possible to establish a relationship between Linkedin and the SEO positioning of our brand, personal or company? Linkedin allows the optimization of the URL associated with your profile so it can be of great help that you promote yourself in the same way as the domain of your portal corporate, than your Facebook page and your Twitter profile. In the same way, the one with words wash both in the profile and in all areas where professional activity and interests, groups, etc are indicated … It allows optimizing the positioning of our Linkedin profile. 7.-Don’t leave anything unfinishedThe latter is a piece of advice more closely linked to common sense, brands will look for profiles in which dynamism and data reach 100% above incomplete profiles or with temporary spaces that are difficult to explain. LinkedIn is much more than an online resume, is a connection platform from professional to professional, so it can be considered a great tool to consolidate our personal branding and it is only through efficient marketing, 100% consistent with the commitment we acquire as professionals, that we can attend the constant generation of new opportunities and synergies.