8 original search engines

Among the enormous number of search engines on the web, let’s take a look at eight of them, created to find results for specific topics:

Radio-Locator: Internet search engine to find any radio station, with more than 10,000 links, professional websites and 2500 Stream audio channels in the United States and the rest of the world. We can search among US radios by entering the postal code, entering the call letters, streaming radios or other parts of the planet.

Storm Events: a more curious than practical search engine, but if our curiosity goes through wanting to know the most devastating weather events in recent years, this is the perfect place to find answers to our questions. We can locate all the events of tornadoes, storms, etc since 1950. I said, practical it may not, but curious, for a while.

PubGene: for those crazy about genes and proteins, in this search engine, considered as a database, we can find answers to almost any question we can ask ourselves regarding biological function. With a search engine that asks us: the organism we want to find information about, gene or protein and the biological term (eg: Alzheimer) we will obtain a very scientific answer for those who can understand it (a servant, not at all).

McAfee treat Library: to know all viruses, Trojans, potentially dangerous programs, etc. To keep up to date with the bad news that moves through the network and what can affect us. The best Internet search engine for machine diseases.

FlyExpress: we continue with the biology fanatics, in this portal we can find and search among more than 100,000 images of genes, 4000 to be specific.

Splogspot: the perfect place to know if we should trust a blog or not. Entering the address will tell us whether or not we can trust anyone.

SourceBank: for programmers and developers, they can find Java, C ++, Perl, Python code, etc.

Celebrity Sites: we all know that celebrities and the Internet are like a drug, that is, the former cannot live without the latter. In this search engine specialized in finding among blogs, forums, videos and photos of celebrities more than what you ask, I am sure that for the French fans of some other artist it will be the best find of the day.