9 excellent apps for traveling

9 excellent apps for traveling

If you are one of those people who like to travel and have an iPhone or Android, you are in luck, because we have prepared a list with some of the best applications to go on a trip, all of them hand-selected so that you can enjoy the journey.

Street View on Google Maps

We start the list with a classic for all of us, Google Maps integrated with Street View, a powerful tool so that we know what that city, bar, hotel that we are going to visit will be like.[ Disponible para: Android (Gratuita)]

Radardroid Pro

Radardroid is a must-see that from my point of view anyone who travels by car should have it, since it will warn us of a radar a few meters away, in this way we avoid an upset at the end of the month. [ Disponible para: Android (2.99) ] Anyway, it is good to remember that it is not necessary if the traffic signs are always obeyed …

Wi-Fi Finder

Wi-Fi Finder is an excellent tool with which we can, through an offline database that is updated when we have Wi-Fi, find an area where there is public Wi-Fi. A database containing half a million public Wi-Fi zones spread over 140 countries around the world. [ Disponible para: iPhone (Gratuita) ]

Clocks around the world

Fourth, we find Clocks around the World an interesting application with which we can see in a simple panel what time it is in a certain country, in this way we will always be informed of the country we visit and the time at which we must change our clocks. [ Disponible para: Android (0.99) ]


With altitude we can know the exact altitude of where we are, we can know it in meters or feet. [ Disponible para Android (0.99) ]

HQ Lite Altimeter

On the other hand, we also find an altimeter for iPhone devices, it performs the same functions as Altitude, previously described for Android devices. [ Disponible para iPhone (Gratuita) ]

Beer Map

When we are very tired, we usually want to go for a drink in a bar, but we may not find any depending on the destination where we are going, that is why we have found Beer Map, a tool that allows us, through Google Maps, to find a bar to drink a beer or eat something. [ Disponible para: Android | iPhone ]


In eighth place we find this excellent language translator, essential if we are going to travel to a country where we do not know his language. Includes more than 53 languages ‚Äč‚Äčuses the Google Translate Api. [ Disponible para Android (Gratuita) | iPhone (Gratuita) ]

Traveler guide

This is an essential tool for those who are going to visit a country. Since it allows us to inform ourselves about all kinds of important information of each country, such as: The documents necessary to get to the country, currency regulations, security and sanitary conditions, embassy telephone numbers and others of interest, among others. It does not have the quality of mtrip, for iPhone and Android, but it is free and very practical. [ Disponible para Android (Gratuita) ]