9000-bit podcast: The names that will dominate the smartphone industry

9000-bit podcast: The names that will dominate the smartphone industry

9000-bit podcast: The names that will dominate the smartphone industry

If these last Monday you have missed 9000 bits, today we have a joy for you. This is a new chapter of the podcast of The Free Android and Omicrono, dedicated to technology in general, but with special attention to smartphones, of course.

A podcast that has been on vacation for a few weeks, but which in return, comes back very strong. With the participation of Paolo lvarez, lvarez del Vayo and Ivn Linares, the new chapter focuses on what the smartphone market has in store for us in 2019.

Android Q, the new version of the Google system

A year to give a lot to talk about, especially from the Android camp. The launch of the next major version of the Google system is expected soon; And as you might imagine, it is thanks to this that we have already been able to discover many of its novelties. From the expected dark mode to improved security, compatible with new technologies that manufacturers like Oppo or Xiaomi will implement; Ultrasonic fingerprint sensors, which allow installation under the screen, will be of particular importance.

We are already talking about Oppo and Xiaomi as two leading brands in the sector, and it is no wonder. In fact, today’s chapter stars these names, who are leading the smartphone industry with increasingly amazing new technologies and models.

The smartphone market is revolutionized

The new Honor View 20, for example, is presented as one of the most interesting devices of the year, and that we have just started. Xiaomi has created a new brand, called Redmi, with new cheaper devices; Although his bet on Android Go may be a disappointment.

The usual marks are not missing. Samsung wants to demonstrate that theirs is not just high-end phones, with models like the Galaxy M10 and Galaxy M20; And on the other side of the spectrum, there is Asus with its incredible ROG Phone, without a doubt the best gaming mobile on the market. But does that mean it’s worth it? Not so fast. LG also has a lot to say, with the new V40 ThinQ.

It is this competition that has favored the appearance of increasingly innovative models. As the first mobile phone without buttons or a charging port, it makes us wonder if there is a limit to minimalism.

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