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A change in Facebook's algorithm will affect hidden news

Facebook offers the possibility of hiding news that appears on our main page, but they have detected that for many people, hiding is not a bad thing, they just hide it as someone who files it, it is not a I do not like.

They have reached this conclusion after seeing that there are many people who hide a news after reading it and marking it as I like, so there is no point in stopping showing information related to the one they just consulted. Sometimes they hide them because they have already read it and do not want to see it again, which does not mean that they do not want to read something from the same source or the same topic in the future.

Those people, those who hide without the negative ingredient, will be affected by a new change that they have just announced: more news will be shown on the pages of those who hide a lot.

Page managers will notice this in the statistics, as they will see that much more news is being hidden, but it will not be a symptom of a problem, it will be a consequence of this new action: your news will be shown more among people who are used to hiding everything.

In terms of content distribution, nothing will change, the publications will not reach a greater percentage of people, it will simply increase the circle of candidates receiving the content.