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A curious Apple Watch line honoring Vladimir Putin and other Russian figures

Caviar, a boutique specialized in technological articles, has designed a limited edition of Apple Watch with the face of Vladimir Putin, Lenin and Pedro I (The Great), important historical figures of Russia and other emblems of the nation.

Each watch is worth around 2,750 euros and each design has an important historical component: Lenin's, which really marks his mausoleum, shows part of the great history of the Soviet Union and the legacy of the Kremlin and the logo of the hammer and sickle located in the crown of such an Apple Watch.

Apple Watch model in honor of Peter the Great

That of Peter the Great, the first Russian Tsar and later Emperor, being popularly known for his decisive positive contribution in the history of Russia, includes engravings of the time as well as a stamp of his crown placed on the watch's crown.

The last one is that of Vladimir Putin enriched with details and engravings highly respected by much of Russia. For example, the face of the president, his signature, a perspective of the Kremlin – again – and the current coat of arms of Russia.

Anyway, it is not the first time that the company works in a similar product line because, as commented in Daily Mail and Business Insider, it had already done it with iPhone cases in gold and titanium, also with the face of Vladimir Putin. which sold like hot cakes after launch.

By the way, in addition to the mentioned models, there are other variations (in materials and versions of Apple Watch) also with an emphasis on Russia but with fewer special references.

More information: Caviar website