A flying robot to take selfies

The selfie fever is far from over. While in some countries there are people who die taking risky selfies, in other places an airplane passenger asks a terrorist to take a selfie with him (although this time it was not exactly a selfie).

The fact is that it seems that half the world loves to take their own photos, and the market has to react to this endless trend.

What we show you today is a flying drone created to take photos from the air, an Australian invention of the company IoT Group that comes to light with the name: ROAM-e. The objective is to start selling it in June worldwide through its website (flying selfies).

It has two motors, with a propeller each, that can follow the person thanks to a facial recognition system, motors that can move away from the user up to 25 meters, from where you can both take photos and record videos of up to 20 minutes.

The CMOS sensor is 5 Megapixel, and the device has a Quad Core ARM Cortex A7 processor.

The goal is to create something portable, in fact the propellers can be folded to take up very little, and its price will not be as expensive as other similar models on the market, cost $ 267.

They are already working on functionalities for the next version, such as the possibility of including a pin in an internal map, so that the drone can fly automatically to the place we specify.

Good price and good features, it seems that we will see a lot of selfie areo in the coming months …