operadora tpo

A mobile operator, from the Wikipedia co-founder, who donates 10% of your bill to charity

What if the current bill for phone and internet service included donations to charities? Of course, what if, in order to obtain them, the value did not increase, but the company providing such services obtained them regardless of TV ads and other investments in excessive advertising?

Well, that's what it comes to offer The People’s Operator (TPO), a virtual mobile operator that uses the Sprint network infrastructure and that, hand in hand with Wikipedia co-founder Jimmy Wales, is already working in the United States and the United Kingdom. His idea is clear: Donate 10% of clients' invoices to charities selected by the users themselves from a list of famous foundations associated with TPO or those suggested by the public.

The company also donates 25% of its annual profits. That is, as they comment on Mashable, there are no additional charges to the invoice of the month or to the payments of the prepaid plans, by the way, both types of plans are similar to those of the competition in terms of prices – but simply TPO stops invest large amounts in mass advertising to divert those resources to things that really matter to users.

Not being enough, TPO is also presented in the form of a social network, an ad-free online community that anyone can use to publish their charitable works or ask for money for certain causes counting on social profiles and communication tools to increase their reach. Unlike other portals such as Indiegogo, Razoo and Network for Good, the TPO network does not keep any percentage of what is collected.

No need to be a user of the plans The People’s Operatorto enjoy social network because the idea of ​​its creators is the opposite, to encourage users in the community to try this kind of charitable operator who also has a social profile there.

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