A new business translation platform is born is a well-known service specialized in text translation, where it offers automatic translations for free using the Microsoft translation engine and translations made by people whose cost will be determined by the subscription to which the particular user has chosen. Now is also targeting the business world with the launch of its specialized platform in this sector.

According to TechCrunch,'s business platform combines machine translations together with translators and publishers, thereby seeking to offer their service more affordably and quickly to businesses than rival services. The approach of this service is a hybrid approach, according to the CEO of the company, Anthos Chrysanthou, to the aforementioned medium, which uses artificial intelligence and professional translators in combination with an editor. In this way, they start with automatic translation so that it can be divided between different translators, making improvements and checks with the aim of offering quality translations, a point they consider important.

According to Chrysanthou, his company verifies through interviews the different translators who lend themselves to being part of the platform in order to guarantee the quality of the translations, so that they are willing to sacrifice growth at the cost of having good translators that allow to offer quality translations.

Back to private users, Chrysanthou points out that its service has more than 3 million users and has already enabled some 200 million automatic translations to date, taking into account that its service was launched about four years ago.