A robot on Twitter that captures and alters the image we send you

Robots on Twitter answering all kinds of questions automatically are of all sizes and colors, but until now I have not seen any that edited images.

This is @pixelsorter, a robot presented on, capable of receiving a photograph (just put it on Twitter mentioning @pixelsorter and wait a few hours) and send, also via Twitter, the modified result.

The type of editing you do is not spectacular, but technically interesting. It has several algorithms that it performs randomly, modifying the lines or pixel columns of our image to alter various variables (light, contrast, hue, etc.). You can see the technical details on their page, where they indicate that, indicating the word preset () With the desired edition number, we can request a specific operation in the desired image.

Here are a couple of examples of alterations:

It has been created with Ruby, using EVA-01 / pxlsrt and mispy / twitter_ebooks, and although it may seem like a mere useless curiosity, it is quite valuable. I explain.

We are used to using Twitter robots for information, but this may be a first step to something more sophisticated, for services that are capable of making sophisticated alterations to images. Today they are only random orders in pixels, but there could come a time when there was an automatic robot that would remove an object from a photograph, or improve contrasts in a few seconds.

It is certainly interesting to see how software evolves within a social network.